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About Transactional Analysis (TA)

TA is a theory of:

  • Personality
  • Communication
  • Child development.

 Have you noticed that you repeat the sayings you heard from your parents?

Are there times when you are bewildered to feel feelings that you felt as a little child?

Do you feel scared of “authority” figures or feel rebellious to be told what to do by others?

How powerful it could be for you to understand these aspects of yourself and how they can either interfere with or enhance your life.

Put simply, TA helps us to look at our ways of communicating with others and also with ourselves. It is an enabler, helping people to achieve personal growth and personal change.

The philosophy of TA is that:
 - People are OK
 - Everyone has the capacity to think
 - People decide their own destiny, and these decisions can be changed.

CBT is a therapy which helps change the way you think and behave and is useful in treating anxiety and depression. Flawed belief sysytems can be identified and altered to ease your discomfort.

Psychodynamic principles include being interested in the uncovering and analysis of unconscious material to promote insight. Emotional conflict often has its origins in childhood experiences. We are usually not aware of the original conflicts as they are held within the unconscious. Therapy can help you to explore your unconscious material where we can work with it and release you from its bonds.

Hypnotherapy - We look at how our brains "pattern match" to get the right emotional response. If the pattern match is faulty we get problems such as phobias and other psychological problems so hypnotherapy works to change the faulty pattern to a helpful response.

With a variety of models available I work with you to create a tailor-made plan to get you the outcomes you want.

I believe that the quality of the relationship that exists between therapist and client is a key ingredient in the growth and progress that people make.

Often people don’t know how to choose a therapist. In order to support you to make the right decision for you, we can meet and you can find out if my services would suit you and how you feel about us working together.