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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that you might have and I am more than happy to discuss anything that is not covered here.

What happens in the initial session?

The initial session is a “getting to know you” for both of us. I get the chance to find out what you want to get from either counselling, psychotherapy or coaching and begin to identify how best to support you to get what you want. You can find out about me and ask me any questions that you have. You may then want time to meet other therapists or you may want to agree how we will work together.

How does it work after that?

We would usually meet weekly at an agreed time. Sessions last for 1 hour. There are no rules about what you might cover in the session. To ensure that we are both clear about the process of change and how the task will be shared between us, we will agree a contract for the work – a vision for your future. Similarly we will form a session contract each week so that we make the most of our time together.

Does it have to be weekly?

I am happy to work with you to identify a frequency that is most helpful for you. Initially it is probably best to work weekly so that the work gets off to a good start.

Will I need to wait for an appointment?

At this time there is not a lengthy waiting list but it will be dependant on our joint availability. I am happy to discuss this when you get in touch.

What about confidentiality?

I offer a safe and confidential service and work in accordance with the guidelines and codes of ethics of each of the associations of which I am a member. I may discuss my work with you in an anonymised way with my supervisor but with no-one else. The purpose of supervision is to provide safety and support and it enhances the outcome of client work.

Where will we meet?

I work from home in Musselburgh which is well served by public transport. I live in a private area and there is plenty of parking if you are coming by car.